Digital Impact Package for Executives

Services to assist CXOs and second tier executives with online engagement, long and short form content creation, tracking relevant journalists, analytics and reporting, promoting speaking engagements and appearances, social media management, directing strategy, and more.

Digital Impact Package for Organizations

Includes all services in the executive package, plus:

Working with Internal Teams

We can work with an organization’s internal teams to optimize existing resources to succeed in the digital business world.

  • training staff
  • webinars
  • risk management
  • location specific strategies
  • intensive strategy sessions
  • working with designers to get from PDF to digital-first
  • working with marketing, sales, copywriters, and more to teach digital-first writing skills
  • working with executives on digital first teams
  • optimizing for digital media and analytics

Working with Vendors

We can work with vendors to fill in gaps for the organization. Common areas where gaps are found:

  • SEO
  • design and web design
  • automation

Change Management for Large Organizations

We can help organizations digitize old systems and practices, bringing in coaches to help train staff in new techniques (agile is in high demand right now, but these change often, and it’s our job to stay on top of them), using behavioral psychology to help staff reach a certain level of enthusiasm and support for new practices and goals.


Long form: books, ebooks, white papers

Medium form: blog posts, LinkedIn posts, Medium posts

Short form: social media content, user experience content, micro copy seen throughout the customer interaction (think: everything from the 404 page to the Thanks for signing up! screen)